Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

The world of social media has evolved drastically over the last few years, particularly for advertisers. Social media marketing can be relevant for pretty much every industry and be given consideration in your digital strategy but is often overlooked by businesses and not implemented in the best way.

I can work with you in the following ways:

Social Media Strategy & Management

  • Work with on which social media channels should be used – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, TikTok
  • Create & develop social media strategies to get results in line with business objectives
  • Current social media audit – channel selection, tone of voice, engagement etc
  • Increase reach and engagement through influencer lists
  • Develop content strategies and create content plans & posting schedules (should work in tandem with SEO strategy)
  • Social media training

Paid Social Advertising

  • Set up advertiser accounts – Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Identify who the target audience is and how they can be reached through advertising
  • Create & develop paid social advertising strategies
  • Projections and forecasts based on budget and objectives
  • Ad creative advice

Want to discuss your current social media strategy? Feel free to drop me a message