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Paid Search Marketing

If your Google Ads account isn’t set up to adopt best practices, updated regularly and optimised poorly then you’re literally throwing money down the drain. I have experience managing PPC accounts varying from hundreds of ad spend a month to hundreds of thousands across a range of industries.

In my 10 years working within paid search marketing, I have gained some vast experience; from writing ads about carpets, doing keyword research for food intolerances to making a positive return on income on a £40 cost per click in the finance industry, it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about managing accounts, and I love doing it.

As all business relationships should start, I’ll spend time getting to know your business and what you want to achieve. Google Ads isn’t always appropriate for all business (despite what Google may say!) so if it isn’t right for your business then I wouldn’t recommend it as sometimes there are other channels more suited.

My services can be broken down into the below:

Account Set up

  • Campaign projections and budget recommendations – all based on your business objectives
  • Account set up (if not already set up)
  • Create account structure
  • Keyword research & generation including negative keywords
  • Ad copy and sitelink generation
  • Location targeting
  • Bidding strategies
  • Analytics integration and conversion tracking set up
  • Creation of bespoke reports

Existing campaign audit

  • Ad copy review – What ad copy tests are in place? What ad rotation is being used?
  • Keyword selection and search queries – Are the correct match types used? How tight are the search queries – are negative keywords used effectively?
  • Account structure – Is this in line with business objectives and site structure?
  • Review use of RLSA’s and targeting – How effective are RLSA’s being used? If at all!
  • Ad extension selection – Are all available ad extensions used?
  • Bid adjustments – Are location, time, RLSA bid adjustments used? Are they are the right level?
  • Overall performance review – Are the key performance indicators (KPI’s) being met? Does the account even have set KPI’s? I can work with you to create and refine these and ensure the account is working hard and always improving.
  • Review current reporting – What does the current reporting look like (if any!) and does it show the performance against these KPI’s?

On-Going Management

  • Regular contact – I work with clients to understand their needs and keep in contact as required – whether that’s a weekly call, emails throughout the week or daily communication
  • Reporting – Creation of a weekly/monthly report or adapt current reports to give you regular updates on performance and action plans
  • Account optimisation – Using the steps taken from a campaign audit, these will be the regular techniques taken to make sure the account is performing and always improving


Sometimes your just need a push in the right direction and reaffirm what you think you already know about paid search marketing. I can come into your business to run training sessions with your team to provide either a full beginners guide to PPC or an advanced training session, or somewhere in-between.

PPC best practices vary by industry, want to chat about your business? Get in touch for a no-obligation chat.