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A marketing consultant had set up activity in Google but could only take the results so far, I was hired to provide my expertise in PPC and take the results to the next level.

The relationship started back in Feb 2018 and I have become a part of the furniture (specifically blinds) and work with the client on all areas of marketing; pay-per-click advertising, paid social, SEO, email and general marketing and UX support.


There’s been many challenges along the way:


Website & development challenges

Making it harder to make required changes for SEO and landing pages for PPC


Branding challenges

With not having a real brand identify, performance was hindered against competitors


2020 Quick growth brought across two challenges;

1 – Making sure that the business was busy in the right places i.e that makes the best profits and 2 – The growth seeing from UK lockdown would be sustained



The key was to really get under the skin of what the business wanted to achieve, to understand business priorities, profit levels of different products & categories and what sets the business apart from others. 

Marketing activity was set up based on understanding this and optimised towards achieving those business goals and ultimately the best profitability. 

Each challenge was tackled by working through various solutions. Website & branding limitations were overcome by bringing in an agency I’ve worked with for several years to get a more adaptable CMS and create a full brand identity. 

Growth challenges were met by reviewing data weekly on category performance to then align marketing spend to the most profitable areas, and also where there was capacity in the factory. A strategic approach to marketing spend was key. 

In order to maintain the levels of sales & revenue and continue to improve over time, introducing new marketing channels and increasing spend (in the right areas) was important. An affiliate marketing programme on AWIN was introduced and set up, creating new incremental revenue stream and visibility with some top websites – helping to improve backlinks for SEO too. 



Traffic increased by 620% – grown consistently over time


Graph of revenue & sales over time – Revenue has increased by 849%


Gone from £3k a month Google Ads spend to £30k and ROI sits at 1000%


Launched an affiliate programme generating £265k incremental revenue in just short of 5 months (AWIN graph of growth from 1st month (£31k and current month £72k) and 150 publishers signed up.

Robert Alley

LMc have been supporting us as digital marketing consultant to our business for a while. PPC, Meta, Social and digital media planning all strengths. Great insights, great response to changing needs and helping understand and cut through the jargon and technology to make better decisions. Really helpful and professional all the way, thank you!

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