Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social Ads Strategy, Implementation & Management

Get a profitable stream of leads & sales through paid social advertising. With a properly devised social strategy using a funnel based approach, a wealth of creative and targeting tests, you can prosper on paid social. 

Our approach for paid social ads is bespoke for every website. From tracking & conversion goals set up, to advert types and platforms – everything is tailored to business objectives, website set up, audiences & creative. We create strategies from start to finish and manage with on-going development and testing.


  • Social Ads Strategy
  • Ad Creative Briefing
  • Accounts set up
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Reporting

Why Pay For Ads on Social Media?


Facebook has over 2 billion users, Instagram has 1 billion, TikTok 1 billion, LinkedIn 256 million…so there’s pretty high (certain) chance that your potential customers are on there. And with a dying organic reach on social, ads provide a great platform to put your message out there, to exactly who you want to reach at the right time. 

No other platforms gives you creative flexibility, sophisticated targeting and reach so if it’s not already part of your digital marketing strategy then give us a call today!


Here’s some common questions around paid social advertising:


How much do Facebook/Insta ads cost?

How much you spend on ads on the Facebook & Instagram platform is entirely up to you. You could spend £10 a day or £1,000 a day. It should come down to what you want to achieve from the ads, who you want to reach and how often to reach them. 


What is the Facebook pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website so you can measure the effectiveness of your advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Once you have a pixel installed, you can set conversion goals & events to track how you perform on key actions and then optimise based on what’s working.


Is LinkedIn advertising worth it?

It certainly can be. It depends on what your objectives are, who you want to reach, what your ad message is and how much budget you have. It’s common for the cost per click from LinkedIn advertising to cost anything from £5 – £20 so you need to be clear on what you want to achieve and have a sound strategy before starting.


What are the Facebook ad creative specs?

There’s lots of different creative types for Facebook. But the most common are; single image ads = 1200 x 628, carousel ads = 1080 x 1080 and video = at least 1080 x 1080

It depends on the placements you’re using too. Refer to Facebook Ads Guides for the full specs across all type.


Can you run ads on TikTok?

You can! And now is a great time to do it. The costs are cheap, competition is reletatively low. The targeting and ads platform isn’t the best but with a good strategy it can work well. 


How much does Twitter advertising cost?

As much or a little as you want. It’s a self serve platform for Twitter Ads and you can set the budgets as you require. How much you actually pay depends on the auction and what you select as your billable actions i.e clicks on your advert, followers etc

Why Use LMc Digital to manage your social ads?

  • We take time to understand your business & goals to put a tailored social ads strategy together. 
  • We’ve been running ads for years so your budget is safe with us
  • We educate you in what we’re doing, why and the return you’re getting
  • We love setting up, testing and reporting on social adverts.

Running paid social ads and not sure how to grow further?


Robert Alley

LMc have been supporting us as digital marketing consultant to our business for a while. PPC, Meta, Social and digital media planning all strengths. Great insights, great response to changing needs and helping understand and cut through the jargon and technology to make better decisions. Really helpful and professional all the way, thank you!

Roomzzz Aparthotels

Stuart Jones

Laura quickly understood our business and where we wanted to get to with the website. She has a great knowledge of SEO and PPC and we quickly saw an increase in enquiries through the advertising activity. I’d highly recommend working with Laura – really easy to work with, quick to respond and gets the results.

Agile Logistics

Katie Harling

I have worked with Laura for many years and can honestly say that she is a really knowledgeable marketing consultant. She has a passion to help companies gain the most from their digital marketing investment, and thrives on the challenge of delivering results. She is a great communicator and has the ability to adapt to different knowledge levels to ensure all parties understand her proposed strategy. I would highly recommend Laura.

Fusion Unlimited

Bev Burnham

Laura and the team managed the social media outreach for the Every Can Counts programme on an ongoing basis for 3 years. During that time, the reach of our key messaging of the importance of recycling drink cans grew positively.  Laura is a pleasure to work with – supportive and responsive – and the creativity developed as the various social media channel popularity grew.

Head of Marketing and Communications, Alupro

Some client experience…