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How to Grow Your Business Online

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Online marketing can be difficult for small businesses to get to grips with. Should you run pay-per-click advertising in Google, focus on improving keyword rankings organically and what about Facebook advertising? If so, how much money should you spend and how do you track it all?? Then you add in all the jargon that we use in the industry (cvr, ctr, cro etc) and it’s easy for it to feel a million miles away from what your forte is. The reality is if you keep things simple, it can be surprisingly easy to start.

These few things should be at the back of your mind when thinking about how to grow your business online:

1 – Who is your target audience and what are they doing online? Are they using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc? Identifying the types of people who are relevant to your business is a good starting point in growing your business online.

2 – Why should they buy from you? When adopting any marketing techniques, this needs to be clear in all messaging. Identify what your USP’s are before starting to sell products or services online.

3 – What do you want to achieve from growing online? Businesses need to be realistic in terms of what they can achieve. Things don’t happen overnight, unfortunately. Map out your plan for the next year or even longer as a starting to point to work out what your KPI’s (sorry started with the jargon) are and what needs to happen when.

4 – What are your competitors doing? Use search engines to see where competitors are using paid search adverts or are appearing organically. Check out social media profiles too. This can show you opportunities and also give you something to aim for if competitors are active in multiple marketing platforms.

There are competitor tools which can do some of this for you.

5 – Is your website fit for purpose? If you haven’t already started focusing on sending traffic to your website or even if you have, it’s a good time to sit back and review whether your site is functional and can actually convert traffic (whether than be from direct sales or lead generation). Google Analytics will show you current performance but I also recommend using other tools to show what people are doing on your site and where they are dropping off. HotJar is one of my favourite tools to understand how people are using your website.

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