How I Work

My Approach Working With Businesses

Every business is different so a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work in Digital Marketing. As a freelance marketer, I wouldn’t recommend something if it’s not right for your business and I won’t guarantee you anything that isn’t possible. A digital agency or freelancer cannot guarantee SEO rankings or that you can be secured the top ad position within paid search as there are way too many external factors influencing this, but what I can do is work with you to understand your business, your current position and how it can be pushed forward with digital marketing.

Understanding Your Business

Before taking on a project, I want to spend some time getting to know your business. Without knowing some history about your digital approach and learning about the objectives, growth isn’t possible. Some initial meetings/phone calls and emails will help us to decide together how we approach things and from there, there are a few different ways I can work as a digital marketing freelancer:

Project Basis – I can work on a set project based on a set fee. This would be discussed and agreed beforehand. The following are just a few things I can work with you on a project basis:

  • Digital Advertising Audits
  • Set up of advertising accounts
  • Creation of reports
  • Data analysis

Retainer Basis – I can work with you on a retainer basis, for as long as is required and makes sense for both parties. Including things like:

  • On-going advertising management
  • Regular consultancy and advice
  • Regular reporting and analysis

Whilst on a retainer basis, I’ll generally work with clients to pre-agree how many hours’ worth of work are required and what the priorities would be for the coming work. This can be flexible based upon the requirements of clients.

Training, Mentoring & Support – Sometimes businesses just need a push in the right direction and some training to get your website back on track or even just get started. The below are just a few things I can help with:

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Online marketing channels
  • Google Adwords training
  • Google Analytics training
  • Facebook Advertising training

All prices and timings are dependent on individual requirements.

Get in touch and we can arrange an initial meeting/phone call.