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How Has Joe Wicks Become An Online Sensation?

If you haven’t heard of Joe Wicks then you must have been living under a rock for the past year or so. Joe Wicks, known as The Body Coach has managed to become a multi million pound brand from utilising social media. Working as a personal trainer 3 years ago he was unknown. He has quickly grown into an internet sensation, all from social media.

With 2.4m+ likes on Facebook, 1.7m+ followers on Instagram, 258k+ followers on Twitter and 290k+ subscribers on YouTube and 14 million views, it’s safe to say Joe Wicks has harnessed a huge, loyal fan base. I’ll admit I’m a huge fan myself following him on all social media platforms and all 3 of his books, and even getting up at 6:30am to do his live workout!

One of his cook books sold 70,000 copies in the first four hours and all three books were in the best seller lists of 2016. He has even sold more than Delia Smith and Jamie Oliver. So how has personal trainer with no previous cooking experience managing to become a multi millionaire?!

How has he managed to do it?

  • Quality content – The first rule of social media and content marketing is to create quality content (Content is King and all that..). His short cooking videos which are actually shot himself with one hand are inspirational to thousands of  people. And, believe me the food from his books is amazing so I’ll definitely vouch for the quality content!

Joe Wicks Social Media

  • Timely content and regular posts – Social media accounts fail when they are set up but neglected with posts only made every couple of months. There is a fine line between posting too much and too little but Joe Wicks has the balance spot on. His Instagram usually has about 4 posts a day with these spread out across the day.
  • Shareable content – The nature of this quality content means that people want to share this and eliminates the need for paid advertising to reach a wider audience. His current customer base does this for him and that’s what makes Joe’s social media so successful; it’s the modern way of word of mouth advertising, though that exists too, I have told countless people how much I love Joe Wicks books and work outs.

Joe Wicks Instagram

  • Engagement – With so many followers, he receives more comments than he can answer but his ever growing team seem to do a good job in answering some of these. The loyal customer base he has built also helps with this and people often answer others’ questions.
  • Right channels – Key in a succesful social media strategy is to use the right channels, targeting the right audience. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are perfect for the audience. More recently Joe has utilised Snapchat to harness a slightly younger audience to engage with.
So, what’s next for Joe Wicks? He has more books signed off and more TV appearances on the way, but how long is his lifespan as a standalone brand? It’s already starting to take it’s toll with other people picking up his fitness workouts as he works to build up his reputation oversees.

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