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Google Qualified for Another Year

Adwords Search Certification

I now have my Google certifications for another year, passing all 6 of the Adwords Certifications and the Analytics exam.

While there are much better ways for me to show my credibility within Google Adwords and Analytics, the qualifications set me on my way to achieving a Google Partner status and also reaffirm that I know my stuff across Google Adwords and Analytics.

You only need to pass the Google Fundamentals exam and one other to become Google certified but there are 7 qualifications to take:

  • Adwords Fundamentals – Covers the basics concepts of Adwords advertising
  • Search Advertising – Covers basic and advanced concepts on managing and optimising campaigns on the search network
  • Display Advertising – Covers advanced concepts for the Google Display Network
  • Video Advertising – Covers basic and advanced concepts for video advertising on YouTube
  • Mobile Advertising – Covers basic and advanced concepts of advertising on mobile, including how to optimise and measure mobile performance
  • Shopping Advertising – Covers basic and advanced concepts for Google Shopping campaigns (formally known as Product Listing Ads), including how to work with Google Merchant Centre
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification – Covers basic and advanced concepts for using Google Analytics – from set-up to management and reporting

Adwords Search Certification Google Analytics Certification Google Display Exam Google Shopping Exam Google mobile exam Google Video Advertising Exam

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