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Digital Marketing News February

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The headlines in February were dominated by Fake News (thanks Trump!) but there was also lots of actual news and updates in the Digital Marketing World. The most significant digital marketing news for February is below:


AdWords Ad Label

Google are no strangers to changing the way the paid ads are shown within the SERPs (cough, i.e making them look less like paid adverts and blend in with organic results!). They had been testing showing the ad label from a full green text label add white text to just having a green background, but Google officially launched last month that this would now be rolled out on all devices globally.

New Ad Label

Google ad label

Old Ad Label

google serp

Read more about the ad label changes

Google Data Studio – no limit

It was music to digital marketers ears when Google Data Studio announced that you can now build unlimited reports within the free software. Previously this was limited to just 5 reports without paying for the software as part of the Google 360 product. The reporting can be linked to the majority of Google products (shocking!) including Search Console, Doubleclick, Adwords and YouTube. Google sheets can be used to pull in data from other sources.

google data

Jaguar Land Rover Ad Suspension

Jaguar Land Rover suspended all their digital display adverts following an investigation that the ads were helping to fund terror groups. This was following a Jaguar F-Pace ad was spotted on a pro-isis video. JLR confirmed they had pulled all digital ads whilst this was investigated.

Google & Bing Demoted Piracy Websites

Both Google and Bing announced they would be demoting piracy and streaming websites within their search rankings. This is in an attempt to prevent users from visiting sites with such content. Read more about the clampdown against piracy here

Google adds a new carousel to let you expand the search results

Google have been spotted testing a new way of expanding the search results to give users more options of product types to scroll through, with a new carousel feature. Screenshots of the new feature is shown in this article from Search Engine Land

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