Affiliate Marketing Management

Increase your brand awareness, sales
and profitability with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a bit of a minefield to navigate & get the best results from. With the right nurturing & growth strategies, affiliates can be the most profitable marketing channel.

Affiliate Marketing Services

  • Affiliate audit
  • Programme set up
  • Publisher recruitment 
  • Promotion planning



What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance marketing technique in which a business rewards websites (affiliates also known as publishers) when they promote your products or services which result in a sale. There are many different types of affiliates and methods that they use to promote a businesses products and services. 


How do affiliates get paid?

Affiliates get paid when they send a user to the website who makes a sale or generates a lead for the business. The rate they get paid is a pre agreed percentage of a sale, or a set cost per sale. The commission % can vary depending on the average order value and the industry. 


Which affiliate programme is best?

There are many affiliate networks which all have differing costs, support and bank of affiliates. The most common platforms are AWIN (Affiliate Window), Rakuten (Linkshare), CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction), Amazon Associates and ShareASale


What is involved in managing affiliates?

Lots! Setting up a programme, agreeing terms, recruiting affiliates, negotiating, managing & nurturing relationships, promotional strategies to name a few things. Affiliate marketing can be the most rewarding but it takes time to get results as there isn’t just a magic ON button you can switch.

Fancy a chat about affiliate marketing?


Robert Alley

LMc have been supporting us as digital marketing consultant to our business for a while. PPC, Meta, Social and digital media planning all strengths. Great insights, great response to changing needs and helping understand and cut through the jargon and technology to make better decisions. Really helpful and professional all the way, thank you!

Roomzzz Aparthotels

Stuart Jones

Laura quickly understood our business and where we wanted to get to with the website. She has a great knowledge of SEO and PPC and we quickly saw an increase in enquiries through the advertising activity. I’d highly recommend working with Laura – really easy to work with, quick to respond and gets the results.

Agile Logistics

Katie Harling

I have worked with Laura for many years and can honestly say that she is a really knowledgeable marketing consultant. She has a passion to help companies gain the most from their digital marketing investment, and thrives on the challenge of delivering results. She is a great communicator and has the ability to adapt to different knowledge levels to ensure all parties understand her proposed strategy. I would highly recommend Laura.

Fusion Unlimited

Bev Burnham

Laura and the team managed the social media outreach for the Every Can Counts programme on an ongoing basis for 3 years. During that time, the reach of our key messaging of the importance of recycling drink cans grew positively.  Laura is a pleasure to work with – supportive and responsive – and the creativity developed as the various social media channel popularity grew.

Head of Marketing and Communications, Alupro

Some affiliate experience…